5 reasons to wear flare jeans

1. Very long legs



  This kind of trousers are good for every body type and stature. Well choosed flare jeans visually will make you higher and slimmer. And not necessary to be JLo to make your jeans look perfect on you.

2. Choose your stature


One more tip which use fashionistas worldwide. To look higher wear you flare jeans with heels and platforms. Secondly shoes can be very cozy and comfortable because anyway nobody can see them behind the jeans. But try to not choose too high heels because it is very important to can walk in it normaly.

3. Hide the shoes


By the way, who want to wear your flare jeans only with heels - you can use all your favorite shoes. Not necessary to buy a special pair because anyway nobody can see them. It is much better to wear your favorite cozy heels than new not very soft and friendly pair just from shop. Just hide them and your feet will be happy.

4. Memories of hippies



Fashion trends are always return and it is very nice, isn't it? Remember that hippie boom in 70-s? This times are returning. Stop dreaming and start acting. With flare jeans we can be like hippie in a simple life. Why not?

5. Victoria Beckham's choice


For this pictures we have no comments. Victoria Beckham really knows what to do with flare jeans. Inspires...


J Brand Martini $335       /       ASOS Petite $57       /       ASOS $62


Mih Jeans Marrakesh $334       /       ASOS $57       /       ASOS $57