Era of 70's: 10 signs of Glam Rock style


Today the fringe is everywhere: on sleeves, bags and skirts, also on shoes. Don’t stop yourself! As much fringe is better. But don’t forget about color harmony or you will look like cheerleader’s pompon.



Not long time ago we told you about flare jeans (read here). By the way, now is very popular not only flare jeans but also trousers. The flare can be from knees, hips or waist. The choice is yours!



Not very usable, expensive but very beautiful! It is all about suede. Much softy than leather, high quality suede really can let your heart biting faster. But don’t forget about nice and accessible options from mass market: for example, H&M, Zara or Mango has very good items made from fake suede.



It doesn’t matter long or short, now is very popular different kinds of vests. You can mix them with office sport or casual style outfits. And midi vests are very good with classic flare trousers.


Colorful knitwear

Happy bright sweaters with stripes, geometric print or with complicated messy “something” on it. All that you can call like the explosion in the garment factory is a real must have.


Skirt with buttons

The trapeze shape mini or flowing midi and maxi have new life. It is amazing how nice can look skirt with vertical range of buttons! Our favorites are made from suede, leather, velvet or denim.


Silk and shiffon blouses

Light blouses look perfect with skirts and trousers. Have a look at items with a romantic bow on the collar.



Bright headbands like Blair Waldorf had are very popular. They look perfect with short hairstyle with a little bit twisted ends.



Actually like always! It is very difficult to find some fashion period of time when denim was not popular. So, it easy: wear denim with knitwear, denim with leather, denim with denim and etc.


Mini dresses

Very very mini dresses. Out of control. Simple trapeze shape dresses made from strong fabrics look cool on their own or mixed with flare trousers or maxi skirts. Just add to this look big waist belt and necklace.