Balmain + H&M: minute of a democratic luxury

“Better – is an enemy of a good” – something like this people are saying in Russia. This think became to our head when we are looking to the new H&M and Balmain collection. Why they did it? Too much luxery, isn’t it? And what reason to do the high price suit collection if they already have an H&M Studio? So, let’s go back and remember an successful collaboration this big mass market brand with Alexander Wang: sport chic, crop tops and unisex. In natural colors and high technology fabrics… We mean, that people was really ready to buy and to wear immediately. And masterpieces from Balmain for a low prices – it is very strange. 

But we also want tell about something good. Rich colors in a black silk frames, for example fuchsia, deep marine green and super red. And a lot of silver and gold. Embroidery is really beautiful you can see it in a lookbook photos. All this empire style you can put on for Christmas night party and be sure that queen’s crown will be yours. But there is something which is really possible to try to wear for everyday life. For example that embroidered blazer can be very nice with skinny jeans, basic top and sparkling hills. Or that faux fur jacket… So, you understood. We will make some sets for you when the collection will be in a shops.

You can shop the collection since the 5th of November.

balmain hm 01

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