What to wear to the first date?

Let’s think about a very important question: what to wear to the first date? Of course you can think that doesn’t matter how you look like but honestly – it is not true! We offer to imagine couple of options how your first date can go. Are you ready?

What to wear to the date with Prince?

Okay, not really with prince. But if you are waiting the Friday evening and at seven o’clock the limo will be at your doors it means that it is not just cinema and pizza. Maybe you will go to the big premiere or a dinner in a posh French restaurant. So, who knows. Actually it is not easy to get ready for the date like this if you are not have an evening dress (prom dress is not good option). And if your dream date after couple of days don’t run to the bank to make credit card. We are recommending the classic which will be always nice on you. 


What to wear to the date with Geek?

“Bravo” if you took his attention! And if he asked about a date – this is love. Geek guys are always very busy and they can’t stop their relationship with laptop. So what to wear to the date with a man who is in love with megabytes and pixels? Something simple but with individuality. For example mini dress with you own print. By the way you can find it everywhere in internet.


What to wear to the date with Superhero?

You met very shy and strange guy? He invited you to the cinema and them to have some pizza for dinner? Quite possible that he is a superman! But he has to hide his superpower and wants to have fun like a simple man on our planet. Take a chance to have a date with superhero. Who knows, maybe on the second date he will take you to his own planet for a family dinner. Use your charm and simple outfit with perfect cut jeans and cozy heels. You will be like a kryptonite!